DAE Adapter Mount for SHIELD, for Tanfoglio SuperSight CutDAE-FTSSSHI1    
Henning Competition Scope Mount for CZ SP-01 Shadow / Shadow 2HG-H171-CZ    
Tanfoglio Slide Stop Pin/ ReleaseFT18,1SR-BLK 625:-  
Henning SMALL FRAME GRIPS for Tanfoglio PistolHG-H161C-CLRSF 1 400:-  
TDS Spring and Follower KIT for Tanfoglio TDSFTK40 295:-  
Tanfoglio Safety Lever FLAT, BLUEFT14,1SLFLATBLU 625:-  
Henning Grams Format Follower and Magazine spring KITHG-HFKK40-11 380:-  
OPEN Magasin Tanfoglio Small Frame Pistol, SFFT06,1SFOPEN919 1 100:-  
Tanfoglio Safety Lever Combat BLUEFT14,1SLCOMBLU 450:-  
Tanfoglio Safety Lever Combat AMBI BLUEFT14,1SLCOMMBBLU 750:-  
Henning Scope Mount 90 Tanfoglio C-More STDHG-H175-TC 2 150:-  
Henning Tanfoglio Magwell HG-H069-TL-SIL 1 750:-  
Henning USPSA / IPSC Base Pad OPEN DivisionHG-H141-TL-BLK 600:-  
Henning IPSC Standard Base Pad Tanfoglio LFHG-H500-TL-BLK 450:-  
Tanfoglio Stock II, III, XTREME Spare Parts2050    
Henning Hammer PIN PINHG-H046 80:-  
Henning Oversized Hammer PinHG-H042 150:-  
Henning Torx Grip Screws (2 pcs)HG-H024 100:-  
Henning Tanfoglio Lightweight X-Long firing Pin LF Gen4HG-H051-TL 375:-  
EGW Tanfoglio Witness Prepped SEAREGW-E-T02 750:-  
Henning Tanfoglio Flat Trigger SystemHG-H033S-T-SS 1 395:-  
Thumb Rest Custom LH Tanfoglio SilverDM10046 625:-  
Safety Latch Custom LH Tanfoglio SilverDM10047 625:-  
Slide Racker Custom for Tanfoglio OPEN RHDM10001 1 250:-  
Optic Mount for Tanfoglio and RTS2DM10012 1 710:-  
Base Pad Custom LF Tanfoglio OPENDM10041 910:-  
Gram Follower & Spring KIT Tanfoglio LF Long MagDM10032 380:-  
Tanfoglio SEARFT09,1SEARCUS 250:-  
Tanfoglio Sear SPRINGFT09,3SPRSEAR 75:-  
Tanfoglio Trigger SPRINGFT03,3TSDA 75:-  
Tanfoglio Trigger BarFT03,5TBSF 800:-  
Tanfoglio Trigger PINFT03,2PINTRIGGER 75:-  
Tanfoglio Trigger S/AFT03,1TRSABLK 650:-  
Tanfoglio Trigger D/AFT03,1TRDABLK 600:-  
Tanfoglio Interrupter FT04,8INTERRUPT 195:-  
Tanfoglio Interrupter PINFT04,9PINIR 75:-  
Tanfoglio PIN Trigger / Trigger BarFT03,6PINTB 75:-  
Tanfoglio Hammer Strut PINFT04,5PINHSTRUT 75:-  
Tanfoglio Hammer StrutFT04,4HRSTRUT 75:-  
Tanfoglio Hammer DELTA S/AFT04,1HRSADBLK 600:-  
Tanfoglio Hammer DELTA D/AFT04,1HRSADBLK 600:-  
Tanfoglio Hammer Combat DA STDFT04,1HRSADBLK 400:-  
Tanfoglio Hammer XTREME DELTAFT04,1HRXTDADEL 1 100:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Brass Grip SF FSFT02,3XTGPSFFSG 1 700:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Blue Grip SF CustomFT02,3XTGPSFCUBU 990:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Silver Grip SF CustomFT02,3XTGPSFCUS 990:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Black Grip SF CustomFT02,3XTGPSFCUB 990:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Red Grip SF CustomFT02,3XTGPSFCUR 990:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Single Action TriggerFT03,1TRXTSFX001 495:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Rubber Grip LF FSFT02,3GPRULFFS 350:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Brass Grip LF FSFT02,3XTGPLFFSG 1 700:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Black Grip LF FSFT02,3XTGPLFFSBL 990:-  
Tanfoglio Grip Plate Valnut LF FS Round TriggerguardFT02,3LFFSWOODRN 650:-  
Tanfoglio Grip Plate ALU SF FS CHECKEREDFT02,3GPALSFFSCH 990:-  
Tanfoglio Grip Plate VALNUT SF FS FT02,3SFFSWOOD 650:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Red Grip SF FSFT02,3XTGPSFFSR 990:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Blue Grip SF FSFT02,3XTGPSFFSBU 990:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Silver Grip SF FSFT02,3XTGPSFFSS 990:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Black Grip SF FSFT02,3XTGPSFFSB 990:-  
Tanfoglio Grip Plate RUBBER LF Custom FT02,3GPRULFCUS 350:-  
Tanfoglio Grip Plate ALU LF Custom SSFT02,3GPALLFCUS 950:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Silver Grip LF CustomFT02,3XTGPLFCUS 990:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Black Grip LF CustomFT02,3XTGPLFCUB 990:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Red Grip LF FSFT02,3XTGPLFFSR 990:-  
Tanfoglio Grip Plate VALNUT LF FS FT02,3LFFSWOOD 650:-  
Tanfoglio Grip Plate ALU SF FS FT02,3GPALSFFS 950:-  
Tanfoglio Standard Firing Pin SPRINGFT05,3FPSPRSTD 75:-  
Tanfoglio Hammer XTREME TITANFT04,1HRXTDATIT 1 250:-  
Tanfoglio Magazine CatchFT06,6MAGRECUSSS 425:-  
Tanfoglio Slide Racking LeverFT10,3SR-OPEN 550:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME D/A TriggerFT03,1TRXTDAX005 855:-  
Henning LARGE FRAME GRIPS for Tanfoglio PistolHG-H023M-TL-BLK 1 650:-  
Henning IPSC Production Base Pad Tanfoglio SFHG-H385-TS-SIL 350:-  
Tanfoglio Limited Custom Large frame Reservdelar1496    
Tanfoglio Stock II Large frame Reservdelar1494    
Tanfoglio Cleaning KIT TUBEFT6000490 160:-  
Tanfoglio Keps "Team Tanfoglio" BlackFT7003038 195:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME T-shirtFT7001100 250:-  
Växelsats Tanfoglio FTVXSATS 5 500:-  
Pipa Barrel TanfoglioFT01,1S3919PSF 2 500:-  
Henning Hammer / Sear Pin Reamer Set TanfoglioHGHTPTK 880:-  
Tanfoglio Recoil SpringFT05,3FPSPR22 125:-  
Tanfoglio Hammer SPRINGFT04,3HSPRDA 75:-  
Tanfoglio Firing PinFT05.1FTSFSTD 280:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Front Sight BLACKFT10,1FSX2560BLK 440:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Front Sight FOFT10,1FSXT2560FO 580:-  
Tanfoglio SEAR LeverFT09,1SEARCUS 250:-  
Magasin Tanfoglio Small Frame, SFFT06,1SF919B 450:-  
Henning Trigger Pin & NutHG-H032 225:-  
Henning Trigger Plunger Spring KitHG-H037 270:-  
Henning Trigger Return Spring KitHG-H033 270:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Hammer SPRINGFT04,3HSPRXTM 95:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Firing Pin SPRINGFT05,3FPSPRXTM 95:-  
Slide Stop Pin HG TanfoglioHG-H181 350:-  
Firing Pin X-Long Tanfoglio Gen3HG-H051-TS-GEN3 350:-  
Magazine Spring for Tanfoglio PistolGSFT74264 125:-  
Hammer Spring for Tanfoglio PistolGS15113 75:-  
Recoil Spring for Tanfoglio Pistol Standard Slide GSFT-RS-STD_SLIDE 125:-  
Recoil Spring for Tanfoglio / CZ GSFT-RS-Long-Slide 125:-  
Henning Tanfoglio Conefit Recoil RodHG-H081-38 480:-  
Henning Tanfoglio Front Sight FO .180"x.105HG-H101F-TL 760:-  
Shok-Buffer till Tanfoglio pistolEGCShokbuff 20:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Recoil Guide Rod ShortFT08,1XTRRSHORT 380:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Recoil Guide Rod LongFT08,1XTRRLONG 380:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Firing Pin LFFT05.1FTLFXT 380:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Firing Pin SFFT05.1FTSFXT 380:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Blue Grip LF CustomFT02,3XTGPLFCUBU 990:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME Red Grip LF CustomFT02,3XTGPLFCUR 990:-  
Tanfoglio XTREME ALUMINIUM Base Pad FT06,1BPXTLFB 400:-